Ciera and Scott were one of the first weddings of 2021, having had to deal with the changing rules and restrictions of the pandemic pretty much all the way up to the day itself. At the time, it wasn’t permitted to have indoor visitors, and weddings were only allowed a maximum of 10 guests, so their big day was scaled back pretty significantly. But despite not being able to hug or stand next to friends or family without a mask, and having to forgo an evening celebration, Ciera and Scott were the first wedding of the 2021 season to show that truly, no matter what life throws your way or what you have planned, as long as you have what’s important, nothing can take away the magic.

The couple got married at Bridges Golf Course on a day blanketed in gorgeous dramatic skies with a handful of loved ones witnessing the moment they declared their official commitment to forever. (Seriously, scroll down and try not to fall in love with that epic sky!) Heartfelt vows, historical moments, and an outpouring of love as Ciera and Scott tied the knot before making their big move to Alberta.

Biggest congratulations to these two on a beautiful love story, and making the absolute best of the hand they were dealt at this time in history!

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