Shot at in Canmore by Jen Schultz Photography

If you follow my social media accounts, then you probably know I’m expecting my second little girl in early December! I have been trying hard to fulfil as many shoots as I can during the last few weeks, however with the pandemic’s impact on weddings, I have also been simultaneously working a day job, catching up on editing, and raising my sweet daughter. This has unfortunately taken a bit of a toll on my body, which is struggling a bit with the physical aspects of shooting/carrying equipment, and I (slightly begrudgingly) have to start my maternity leave effective immediately. I want to be able to capture your memories with as much passion, creativity, and agility as I can, and it is with immense sadness that I am not currently able to hold myself to my typical pace and standard.

Aside from our upcoming holiday sessions in November (watch this space!) and already booked weddings (which my amazing team are helping with this year!), I am officially on maternity leave until May 2022 and am currently unable to accept any sessions to take place between now and then. Most prime dates in 2022 for weddings (summer and fall Saturdays) are booked up, however we still have some availability later in the year and are still booking weddings for 2023 and beyond.

Everything being covered by the Stardust team during my leave will still be edited by me personally, however your patience is appreciated as I may not be as immediately available. I will be checking and responding to emails; the response time may just be a little slower than usual. (This chapter is a solo venture!) Your understanding is enormously appreciated, as is the kindness, time, skills and support from my incredible team.

I will be posting blogs of weddings and sessions from 2021 and details of the upcoming Holiday Sessions here while I am off, as well as lots of prettiness over on Instagram!


BABY’S DUE DATE: December 7, 2021

WEDDINGS: All weddings booked between September 18, 2021 and April 30, 2022 will still be covered as booked by our trusted, experienced team. Images will still be edited by myself so coverage and aesthetic will remain unaffected. No new weddings during this period. Weddings can still be booked for late 2022 onward at any time by emailing me the details here; I will be in touch as soon as possible!

SMALLER SESSIONS: I am sadly no longer physically able to take on smaller sessions (families, maternity, newborns, engagements, real estate etc.). Our annual Holiday Sessions will go ahead in November; details can be found here. I will be able to resume shooting smaller sessions as of May 2022.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: If you are currently in possession of an unused gift certificate toward a session, sessions can unfortunately only take place as of May 2022. Gift certificates are also always available (printed or digital); if you are looking to purchase one as a gift, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you so incredibly much for your understanding. Please email me if you have any follow-up questions!

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