Wedding: Kayla and Jean-Christophe

January 19, 2019

At Kayla and Jean-Christophe’s engagement session back in autumn, I learned very quickly that a) Kayla was extremely talented when it came to crafting, and b) that she might just have the best laugh in the world. Of course it was my goal to capture it in all its infectious glory on their wedding day! 

The day began on an absolutely beautiful December morning with Kayla and her bridesmaids at the Fort Garry Hotel. (I had spent my own wedding night in that hotel, and ended up with an inexplicable wolf-themed room, complete with wolf face pillows, fur “pelt” and wolf ‘art’ work… Kayla’s room wasn’t quite so… lupine, although there was one wolf pillow!) These girls were ready to brave the snow – not in Sorels, but in sparkly silver sandals, which went beautifully with their navy dresses and STUNNING wintry bouquets. 

The ceremony was held at the St. Boniface Cathedral, with photos on the grounds (as well as a few back at the Fort Garry), and a lovely intimate reception at Bergmann’s on Lombard, where the couple’s speeches had me in tears, where a friend of the groom surprised everyone with a serenade, and where small children decided they loved playing policeman with me and tying me up in balloon strings and dragging me to “jail” (which wasn’t so bad, being under a Christmas tree!). A fantastic day; congratulations Kayla and Jean-Christophe!