Tia and David: Wedding in the Dominican Republic

March 18, 2019

Back in February, the day after Kevin and Melissa‘s polar vortex wedding here in Winnipeg, I was leaving my house at 5:00 in the morning without winter boots or a coat, ready to hop on a plane with David, Tia, and over fifty of their friends and family, ready for a week in the sun to celebrate their wedding! Upon arrival in glorious +30 heat, I found myself on a bus to our hotel next to a group of very cool people, who gave me a bus beer and told me all about their band. We instantly made plans for future jam sessions when back in Winnipeg, and I knew I was in good hands for the rest of the trip!

We spent the first couple of days at the Be Live Collection Marien in Puerto Plata getting to know each other, sharing stories, and exploring the area – we found parrots, friendly stray cats, and this amazing little market area across a dream of a decayed bridge which was the perfect stop for photos after the wedding.

On wedding day, it was majorly hot, humid, and extremely windy – but this group were up for anything! David and Tia’s ceremony on the beach was beautiful, and they definitely knew how to throw a party afterward! Two days after tying the knot, we were set for an afternoon “trash the dress” session, but the morning brought looming grey skies and quite the series of downpours. (A few of us ended up abandoning the beach and heading inside for blankets and sci-fi movies!) By 1:00, Tia decided to take a chance and get ready anyway. It was 100% the right decision, and the post-storm clouds made for such an incredibly dramatic sky, I was literally jumping around with giddiness the entire time!

Tia and David’s destination wedding is definitely one to remember – the scenery, the people, the countless touching moments that ended up in tears, the stories, and the beautiful love story between these two humans… it was an incredible honour to share this adventure with them, and I’m excited to share the photos and slideshow 🙂