I was soooo excited for Christmas mini sessions after a year of wedding cancellations, reschedules and postponements! I adore Christmas sessions, and this year was to be the first going all-out. We had two sets, props, and even an in-person Santa to rival the ones at the mall! After one day of sessions, the subsequent three full days were cancelled with the arrival of provincial Code Red restrictions. I was heartbroken, not just for the investments going to waste, but mostly for my clients whose kids were excited for such a magical experience. So I ended up gathering mailing addresses instead, and embarking upon Project North Pole: At first, any client whose session was cancelled was welcome to a letter from Mr. Claus, delivered straight from his workshop in Lapland.

We still managed one full day of Christmas minis, and I’m happy to see those clients whose sessions were affected coming back for Spring Minis instead! Here are some favourites from pre-lockdown, and I cannot wait to share the holiday sets for 2021!

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