Wedding in Starbuck, Manitoba: Wedding Show Winners Renée and Chris!

September 21, 2020

Renée and Chris were yet another of our couples affected by the pandemic, but looking at the photos, you’d never know it! They had to drastically cut their guest list and move their venue from the Niverville Heritage Centre to their parents’ back yard, but what a beautiful spot – my own partner mistook it for Ashgrove Acres! I met Renée at the 2019 Wonderful Wedding Show, and her name was drawn as our grand prize winner. Mandi and I were thrilled to be able to capture their day – beautiful blue prairie skies, a gorgeous colour palette (navy and gold? I may be slightly biased! #branding), and a KITTY IN A BOW TIE (who may have had more photos taken than the couple themselves….) made for a fantastic celebration. We ended the night with an epic smoke bomb shot outside the tent under the stars.

The couple originally met on Tinder. Renée decided to up the age limit on her search by just one year, and instantly matched with Chris. Their first date took place at Movado’s, and she remembers that Chris didn’t even try to kiss her – which she thought was strange at first, and then realized he was a true gentleman. When Chris proposed, he’d bought her a candle with a ring hidden inside it for Christmas, so she’d started to burn it the next day. On January 30th the following year the ring was finally showing, so she was able to pull it out – a lovely sterling silver amethyst ring – at which point Chris left the room having to “check something”, soon returning with the actual engagement ring, asking if she’d like to trade!

I knew as soon as I met Renée that this was going to be a real Stardust couple – “magical,” “whimsical,” “elegant” and “fun” were keywords throughout the planning process, and we love when our clients let us get creative. We also love it when we get to ride hanging off the back of golf carts for epic sunset shots! (See below!) Congratulations Renée and Chris on a truly magical day!

Manitoba wedding shot by Stardust Photography, Winnipeg Wedding Photographer