Wedding: Fred and Mark in Toronto, ON

July 22, 2019

What an absolute honour it was to be part of such an amazing day! Fred and Mark are seriously incredible human beings – truly, genuinely wonderful souls which was reflected clearly in the fact that I lost count of how many cities and countries their guests travelled from to be with them on this day. These two light up a room, and the lives of anyone around them, and their love just moves me to tears. We arrived in Toronto the day before the wedding and shared in their rehearsal dinner – not being used to having Uber in Winnipeg and always up for an adventure, we decided to walk between the two venues – in probably the most torrential downpour I’ve seen this year! It was warm though, and it was my birthday, so we definitely had lots of fun (even if absolutely drenched for dinner!). I got to meet some of their wonderful family members and make new friends before the skies cleared and the sun shone down on their celebration the next day at the gorgeous Caffino ristorante. Caffino is tucked away between 18th century buildings behind an impressive gate and through a courtyard, where twenty-foot ceilings, soaring windows, and hundreds of candles coated in epic amounts of wax drippings provided an incredibly unique setting for a truly beautiful celebration of love. We actually flew back to Winnipeg early the following morning for another wedding the next day, so unfortunately couldn’t stay the entire night to party, but the time we were there was amazing! Congratulations to Mark and Fred on your happy ever after!