The Evolution of the Engagement Session

January 16, 2017

When I book a couple for a wedding, I get really excited – not just to hear about their story, their passions and interests, and vision for the day itself, but also to plan a fun engagement session that comes complimentary as part of most packages!

Living in Winnipeg, we may seem limited by the weather, and though most of my engagement sessions take place in the autumn, that doesn’t mean we can’t shoot something magical year-round. It’s such an exciting time, and it not only gives us an hour of fun and adventure, but I get to spend time learning how people interact, hold each other, make each other laugh… capturing this chapter and giving something to commemorate it is such an honour!

I love it when I have couples who are open to trying something new – not all engagement sessions have to be the same poses, the same style, or shot in the same locations! People are unique, love is magic, and interests, weirdnesses, and passions are what bring love to life. Some of my favourite engagement sessions go outside the ordinary – and at the beginning of a new year, I’m excited to see what my couples will let me create in 2017!

One more traditional type of engagement session makes use of colour and lighting, and that (I suspect) is why autumn sessions are so popular. Everything is vibrant, orange, gold, and red, and the extended sunsets make golden hour coat everything in a warm glow. This type of session is usually shot in a park-type setting, and there are lots of amazing hidden gems other than Assiniboine Park to make use of, especially with such golden sunlight 🙂 If the day arrives with clouds, however, that doesn’t mean we don’t still get to have awesome photos. In fact, clouds are sometimes better for photos, since nobody is squinting and we aren’t fighting with harsh shadows – and skies can always be added in later, if you so desire!

An exciting new trend in engagement photos is to make a bit of a production out of it. You’re getting an hour’s worth of shooting to shoot whatever you like – so why not incorporate some style? What do you love to do together? Do you have a favourite TV show or movie? Or just fancy an excuse to dress up? I work with a team of incredible hairstylists and makeup artists whose services are also available to add to your package, and through some of my visual storytelling work, I know the coolest place in town to rent costumes from any era you so desire! Whether you’d like to give your guests a preview of your theme and battle it out with lightsabers, step back in time to the Gatsby era, re-create a zombie chase or wear your finest ballgowns and tuxes, an engagement session can be a great opportunity to just have a photoshoot with the two of you and have some fun.

I also love a well-staged, styled shoot. A staged shoot between the two of you can look absolutely stunning, and the whimsical look is perfect for capturing the romance of this time in your lives! This one takes a little planning, as there are props involved (think couches, bicycles, blankets/fabric, musical instruments, flowers, etc.), but we can work together to create something that looks straight out of a fairytale!

Another take on engagement photos is to reflect the idea that the two of you have found a home in each other (less mozzarella on the next post, I promise!), and to simply shoot a lifestyle type session in and around your home. Whether cuddling on the kitchen counter in between stirring dinner, dancing in the dining room, sharing hot cups of coffee over Scrabble, reading to each other in bed, or”taking a break” from day-to-day activities like laundry, a shoot in your home can be a wonderful session to reflect the genuine authenticity in your very own happy place.

The options for engagement photos are as limitless as your imagination – and whether you’re having them as part of your wedding package, or even if you just want to shoot something unique with your sweetheart – let’s make some magic!