Surprise Double Proposal: Arianne and Lisa

August 4, 2020

Arianne booked us last month for an always-exciting session: a proposal!! And this was a VERY special situation…

Emily and Michelle (photo) and Rodrigo (video) showed up to one of their favourite spots in Winnipeg to shoot at. This park isn’t that well-known, so it’s rarely populated, and is full of unique trees, pretty pathways, shaded canopies, and the cutest little dock. Ari was planning on proposing to Lisa over a picnic lunch at a spot she and Emily had scouted out a few days prior. It was their dating anniversary, and Ari had planned to surprise Lisa not only with a cute lunch al fresco, but by serenading her with her ukulele. This song was going to be our cue that the proposal was coming right away, so we all got to the area about 45 minutes ahead of time to find the perfect spots to hide in while still being able to see through the branches to shoot!

The day before the session, however, Emily received a call from an unknown number – and it happened to be Ari’s sister, whom Emily had never met.

“I have some information you should probably be aware of before tomorrow,” she began.

“Lisa is ALSO proposing, and Ari has no idea.”

Thank goodness for this information – if we hadn’t known the twist, we may have stopped filming after Ari’s proposal, popped out and ruined the entire thing!!

What a glorious thing to photograph – so much love, joy, excitement, emotion, and surprise!! We took them around the park for a few celebratory shots after they both asked the big question, brought out a smoke bomb, and were surprised by a nearby neighbour whose property backed onto the park, who was so thrilled with the event she gave two glasses and a bottle of prosecco to them to celebrate!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched this video, but I can tell you that I cry every time. What an enormous honour to be able to capture this moment for Ari and Lisa forever – and nice job on both rings, too, ladies!! <3