Rahne and Jason: Pi Day Wedding at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

March 25, 2020

I knew I was going to hit it off with Rahne when we initially began emailing back and forth and her icon was a TARDIS – hooray for another¬†Doctor Who fan! I was delighted when the wedding day rolled around and I saw she’d had a custom-made cape (“I want to look like an elf!”) for walking to the first look, action figures, and that instead of cake, everyone got a little pie and ice cream in honour of Pi Day. I do love my nerdy couples!! ūüôā

Jason and Rahne met via a dating app, but they first met in person at Comic Con (be still my heart). Jason was wearing a Captain America T-Shirt, and Rahne a Black Widow outfit – she loved that they matched without planning. For the proposal, Jason took Rahne to the exact spot in which he had first told her that he loved her; a little bridge in the middle of a park. While she knew it was coming, Rahne was still surprised by the proposal as she hadn’t expected Jason to propose on his birthday!

Rahne’s wedding jewellery was something special – it was a beautiful set she’d seen as a child of maybe seven or eight years old, and had told her mum that one day, when she got married, that was what she wanted to wear. Her mum had secretly bought it for her, and here she was, wearing it all these years later. We headed to the Millennium Library for the first look, family and wedding party photos – what a delightful location for photos! The floor-to-ceiling windows, palm trees, and wall of postcards provided an epic backdrop (and a challenge to keep quiet! #SilenceInTheLibrary – one of my favourite episodes…), and I certainly hope I get to shoot there again soon!

The ceremony was held at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, which was simultaneously closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic as well as construction and renovations, but you’d never know once you were inside. We had a tiny adventure with a smoke bomb after asking permission to set one off out front – permission was granted, but nobody thought about the automatic doors opening and closing… letting all the smoke¬†inside the building and almost causing alarms and an evacuation. Oops! Totally worth it for the amazing shots we got though!!

It was an amazing to surprise to end the night with Rahne and her dad breaking into a performance from Josie and the Pussycats too!


Event Coordinator: Doren Roberts
Venues: The Millennium Library, The Winnipeg Art Gallery
Makeup Artist: Amanda, The Beauty Box
Hair: The Be-You-Tee Bar
Florist: The Flower Lady
Wedding Dress: Sincerity from LA Collection
Groom’s Attire: RW & Co.
Rings: Appelt’s
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Morilee from LA Collection
DJ: Aime’s DJ Service