Melissa and Ren: Wedding in Marchand, Manitoba

October 28, 2019

What an absolutely fantastic day! I knew Melissa and Ren’s wedding was going to be amazing when I shot their engagement session last winter. The love they have for each other just radiates, and they are two incredibly smart people with incredible senses of humour, and are into a lot of the nerdy things I am, so we instantly hit it off! The wedding took place out in Marchand, Manitoba, and the couple were joined in the ceremony by four “wildlings” – the most adorable little girls who loved nothing more than to find frogs and bugs and run around in the rain! The skies were epic, and the rain made for some awesomely dramatic shots. Nature-inspired, wild and magical were Melissa’s choice words to describe the theme of the day. She had originally met Ren when she started working out at the gym he coached at. After hanging out through a group of friends, Ren invited her over for pancakes the next day and they had such a great time she stayed and he cooked her supper. After that, the two of them spent hours at the gym after classes just chatting and being together. The wedding day was filled with amazing little touches that made me laugh, from the sign saying “mutual weirdness forever” to the boy band-inspired drink signs (“it’s gonna be mead,” anyone?), and I couldn’t be happier for such a fantastic couple! Congrats, Melissa and Ren!