The day finally arrived! Kate and Ivan had had a series of mini engagement sessions throughout the year leading up to their wedding, one for each season (loved this idea!), and despite their wedding date falling within a week of changing rules and regulations related to the pandemic, the day was nothing short of beautiful. With their guest list already cut down significantly, different households not being permitted to sit together and no dancing allowed, it looked like we were going to have to have two dinner sittings, but the rules changed a few days prior which permitted all fifty guests to be seated at the same time – a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Shooting at Niverville Heritage Centre is usually a two-person job due to the structure of the venue and need for creative lighting placement, so it was a slight challenge going solo while pregnant, but a challenge is never something I like to shy away from! The staircase, all adorned in flowy fabrics, the thousand twinkle lights, the chandeliers, and of course Kate’s stunning dress all made for some pretty gorgeous photo opportunities, and topping off the evening with everybody cheering on the newlyweds with sparklers as the sun went down was tonnes of fun.

So happy for these two, and massive amounts of respect for their resilience through all the changes and uncertainties. This pandemic truly has shown what it means to be a team. <3

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