Fearless Award

July 30, 2020

Words cannot describe my joy and appreciation for the news I got this morning. Fearless Photographers accepted me into their incredible collective of “the world’s best wedding photographers” a couple of years ago, and simply being listed alongside these superheroes of professional wedding photography was one of the biggest honours I could hope to receive. Every few months, there’s a round of Fearless Awards: “Fearless Awards are stunning wedding photos that excel in redefining wedding photography or are just too amazing! We’re very selective – about 1 in 100 images submitted are awarded by our curators and displayed in the photographers’ profiles as Lifetime Fearless Awards.”

I am BEYOND taken aback, humbled, and elated to have received my very first Fearless Award! These are highly coveted in the industry, and it’s always such a huge rush if your (or an esteemed peer’s) photo gets selected! This photo was in the top 2% of over 12,000 images submitted, and I can’t believe it. I remember crouching on the floor at the groom’s feet for this shot, trying to capture his emotion and not ruin the moment as he read his bride’s card shortly before seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time. It was beautiful to watch his joy, love and feeling radiate so authentically throughout the day – I must say, as someone to whom tears of multiple emotions come easily, I do love a good crying groom!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to Huy and the judging panel, for selecting my image this round – it means more than I could ever possibly say to be included in this incredible gallery.